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has never been
such fun!

Don-Ay is the first game where you can have fun and do good. Enjoy yourself and challenge your friends in saving animals.


When they sleep, they dream of running across fantastic and amazingly spectacular landscapes, showing off their magic powers and allowing you to challenge your friends all over the world. Prove you are the best!


Look after your cuties: feed them, cuddle them and keep them in top shape. Groom and clothe them and astonish your friends.


Donating has never been so much fun! Enjoy yourself, play and save animals.

Check out how the first donation game works!

Don-ay is an innovative game, combining an endless runner and a day-care. Every in-game purchase and every run generates a donation that will save animals in need. Thanks to Don-Ay, players will be notified of their contribution and what has been done with that donation. Feedback can be shared on social media, creating the first international community which can count on millions of donating players.

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